Value Added Services

Since 1949, Comsip accompanies its industrial customers. Expert in our business, we provide project resourcing (technical assistance), train our customers’ employees with the necessary skills and recruit the specialists they need.

Our membership in the VINCI Energies Group enables us to intervene anywhere in the world, thanks to the support of a strong international network present in more than 50 countries. We are always at your disposal to provide you with the flexibility and support you need, and to make each mission a success. We will deserve your trust.


Any major project requires expertise in many areas. The complexity of the issues requires highly specialized professionals to be able to respond effectively.



Comsip specializes in the OPERCOM® methodology and  ICAPS © commissioning tracking software.

Comsip organizes also technical trainings in instrumentation, control-command, electricity and mechanics.



To work with Comsip , you will benefit from an experienced partner in the industry. Membership of the VINCI Group brings us strength and an international presence. The expertise of our consultants in our areas of expertise makes Comsip a recognized specialist.

Comsip manages all practical aspects to allow our consultants to focus exclusively on their missions.


Comsip has a thorough knowledge of the training and certifications required for work in hazardous and offshore environments.

We always ensure that our consultants are properly trained and have all the qualifications required and / or necessary for the fulfillment of the assignment.

Medical Requirements

Comsip operates around the world. The medical and vaccination requirements that apply to our consultants according to their destination are taken into account and scrupulously respected.

Comsip ensures that each consultant meets these conditions well before each trip abroad. The necessary medical examinations are organized according to the international medical requirements and your requests.

Visa and Work Permits

Comsip has extensive experience in deploying professionals around the world.
We take care of the entire process of obtaining visas and work permits.

Health – Safety – Security

The health, safety and security of our consultants is a priority.

That’s why all our consultants are covered by comprehensive medical insurance including all types of accidents (onshore and offshore), travel incidents and emergency repatriation around the world.

We deploy most of our activities internationally. In an unstable global context, the protection of our employees and our subcontractors is a major priority.


We always make sure that the process is as seamless as possible. COMSIP accompanies its consultants at every stage of their integration into the structure of your project.

Depending on the destination, Comsip can rely on the local structures of the VINCI Energies Group and more particularly the companies of the Oil & Gas division.

Evaluation – Feedback

As part of the Comsip Quality approach, indicators are defined for each mission. They track and evaluate the service delivery of each consultant working on your project.

This process contributes to the goal of continuous progress at the heart of the Comsip philosophy, thus helping Comsip to continually improve.

Work with Comsip teams !

We operate in a wide range of industries : Oil & Gas, Renewable Energies, Nuclear, Infrastructure.