12 October 2022

Smart solar energy installed for 102 families in Belgium

Solar energy systems use the sun to generate clean, pure energy. Among all energy sources, solar energy has the least detrimental effects on the environment.

Complete solar installations for 102 families are built by IZEN, a brand of VINCI Energies in Belgium that specialises in 100% smart energy, in just 10 days. It is not simple to provide communal housing with renewable energy.

 “A lower energy cost for the tenant means a little more breathing space for other living needs and in this way we can also reduce the risk of (more) poverty.” – Eddy De Vlieger, general manager of SHM Denderstreek.

To educate the residents better about the ways of optimally utilising the power, IZEN invited the residents to an educational event.

Wind & Solar

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