ICAPS© and OPERCOM® training

COMSIP, expert in OPERCOM ® methodology and in commissioning tracking software ICAPS© , offers training regularly.

COMSIP is accredited by the TOTAL OPERCOM® methodology and for the ICAPS© commissioning software. We offer training solutions for experts who wish to develop their skills.


OPERCOM® is a methodology which allows defining the commissioning needs in order to have the best possible transfer between the construction and the operation teams by the fastest and safest way.


ICAPS© (Integrated Commissioning And Progress System) is a database developed by the company TOTAL to accompany the commissioning methodology OPERCOM®.

ICAPS© has several modules and can effectively meet the following needs :

  • A clear interface between construction and operations,
  • Ensure that each equipment is tested,
  • The need to test equipment sequentially and hierarchically,
  • Homogeneous approach and common understanding among all parties,
  • Maximized trials to ensure a quick and safe start, followed by durable operations,
  • Accurate and detailed progress report of tests,
  • Traceability and documentation regarding all tests carried out.


Feedback from our trainees !

TIME saving by using this program in a project will definitely improve the productivity and cost.


Trainer Experience and knowledge of OPERCOM methodology and high skills on ICAPS software manipulation.


Thanks for all, Especially organization team Miss DINCHERDCHU, Mr.SEIGNEUR and trainer Mr.JOURDAIN. I hope that you continue in that way to organize other trainings and create professional network of OPECOM and ICAPS Specialists.