19 June 2020

Comsip is MASE certified

We are pleased to announce that Comsip is MASE certified for 3 years since 04/12/2019.

Since its inception, Comsip has been committed to a Health, Safety and Environment approach.

This approach is characterised in the long term by a continuous improvement process based on the ISO/OHSAS and now MASE.

The MASE/France-Chimie common system is an initiative set up by French companies, the aim of which is to offer the simplest and most effective improvement process possible, regardless of business or industrial sector.

Its main purpose is to assist members to:

  1. improve Health and Safety in the workplace, respecting the Environment (HSE), through a management system appropriate to the company,
  2. organise themselves better and communicate better, while improving employee working conditions,
  3. introduce a common language enabling company-wide improvement,
  4. manage risk resulting from joint activity (User Company – Supplier Companies) particularly for sites with manufacturing processes.



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