Yard CSR

| SECTOR : Oil and Gas | PROJECT PHASE: Hook-up and Execution | DURATION : Two years +/-


  • The job holder is accountable for demonstrating an exemplary behavior with regard to H3SE rules & requirements and for implementing H3SE rules within his area of responsibility.
  • The yard Company Site Representative (CSR) represents the COMPANY on yard in direct relation with the CONTRACTOR to protect Company’s interest. The job holder is then accountable for all Fabrication activities during DBN PWM Project execution:
  • Control and following-up, monitoring and supervising the overall onshore construction (fabrication) and load-out carried out by EPCIC CONTRACTOR (and his SUBCONTRACTORS) at Construction/fabrication yard.
  • Manage the COMPANY supervision team assigned on Yard.
  • Ensure that all HSE, Quality and Technical contractual requirements are duly applied by CONTRACTORS and all SUBCONTRACTORS on the Yard.
  • Ensures also the overall construction planning and milestones are met and the construction cost remains within the contractual budget.
  • Lead several Supervisors, in all disciplines and, is acting as team leader, informs and motives them adequately, and gives them clear priorities / directions for the performance of their duties.
  • Organize/participate to routine and/or random inspections and audits, to daily/regular construction meeting with CONTRACTOR and promotes safety awareness at all level through exemplary and pro-active attitude with DBN PWM Project team and CONTRACTOR (SUBCONTRACTORS).
  • Is accountable for demonstrating, individually, and exemplary behavior with regard to HSE, ethics and ‘’code of conduct’’.
  • The Service holder must have a strong knowledge of his activities and the ability to analyse and evaluate the critical parts of his activities in order to organise properly his team and to focus the spot checking on the main critical subjects.
  • Perform his missions and duties during construction to load-out.
  • He may also have to be involved in his activities during towing, hook-up and offshore installation.


Responsible for preparation and running the construction activities to the works related to DBN PWM Project, including HSE related matters:

  • To ensure compliance with HSE legislation, Company standards and procedures as they apply to project
  • management and project engineering to ensure employee safety and legislative compliance.
  • To ensure compliance with Company Management System and applicable International Standards.
  • To insure the good level of competency for the company Supervision (Onshore).



Scope and development:

  • To ensure EPCIC CONTRACTOR preparation of required procedures – method statement – schedule – resources plan, etc. in timely and quality manner to prepare and coordinate the onshore construction / fabrication activities.
  • To ensure proper coordination in between the Detail Engineering and Fabrication aspects, supported by the Engineering Coordinator.


  • As such, with the support of his Construction and Quality supervision team, he;
  • Drives to all Construction / Yard meetings with CONTRACTOR/SUBCONTRACTORS;
  • Ensures all construction/fabrication documents are verified and compliant to technical and contractual requirements.
  • Ensures that for all disciplines, CONTRACTOR have adequate resources (equipment and manpower) mobilized in due time to perform the job.
  • Ensures that all required inspections, audits or equipment certification required are performed in time and that all corrective action plan is properly implemented by CONTRACTOR.
  • Ensures the timely completion of the works and monitor closely CONTRACTOR performance, work schedule and progress.
  • Ensures that all fabrication steps, pre-commissioning and load-out activities are properly completed for delivery ready for commissioning.
  • Ensures that uncompleted activities are properly tracked and recorded under the punch list system.
  • Liaises with the Certification Society as required to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.


To manage, control and drive efficiently his Supervisions team assigned on site. As such he:

Establishes a clear policy for delegation and responsibilities to his team in term of scope of work, schedule and deliverable requirements;

  • Provides HSE advises or technical support to his construction team as necessary;
  • Analyzes / resolves issues and problems encountered by his Construction supervision team and make necessary arbitration between different disciplines (the only criteria being the benefit of the overall project);
  • Motivates all members of the team to perform the job at highest quality level respecting planning and cost objectives;
  • Informs and ensures that relevant decisions/directions taken at Management level, as correctly understood by the team and enforced on the yard;
  • Controls that supervision team is well performing and that sufficient resources are in place to secure properly the activity;
  • Provides adequate supports and assistance during commissioning activities.
  • Ensure that adequate reviews and comments are performed by his team on CONTRACTOR and SUBCONTRACTORS construction/fabrication documentation or Queries issued on the perimeter of the Yard and ensure their full implementation by CONTRACTOR (SUBCONTRACTORS).


  • Have an Associate’s or BS degree in a technical field or extensive natural gas/oil industry experience.
  • Have strong working knowledge of construction contracts, contractor inspection procedures and construction work sequences for jackets.
  • Professional Experience (number of years) : 15.
  • Experience within project : (number of years) : 10.
  • A good knowledge of TOTAL General Specifications (GS) and International codes/standards (AWS, API).
  • Conversant with General Arrangement (GA) engineering and structural drawings including building marking plans, also with isometrics and P&IDs.
  • Ability to work in a team oriented, collaborative environment is essential.
  • Capable of proposing project adjustments and alterations promptly and efficiently.
  • Ability to influence and encourage personnel.
  • Good leadership skills and good communication skills, good English level mandatory.
  • Ability to work on projects in a complex and multicultural environment.
  • Be skilled in using computer programs for word processing, spreadsheets and e-mail communications.
  • Be familiar with ICAPs and PRODOM software






Two years +/-