Wellsite Geologist

| SECTOR : Oil and Gas | PROJECT PHASE: Studies | DURATION : 6/12 months renewable


DESIGNEE(S) shall fully comply with the COMPANY operational procedures related to geological surveys, guidelines and recommendations concerning mudlogging, MWD-LWD, wireline logging, pipe conveyed logging, coring, geosteering, formation

REQUIRED SKILLS for the execution of the SERVICE
React and manage priorities – Analyse and solve problems – Anticipate and question – Identify ways of improving working methods – Organise and supervise actions – Take initiatives – Optimise resources – Listen and communicate.


  • DESIGNEE(S) shall fully comply with HSE rules and procedures and will be pro-active on this matter by participating actively to the “stop card” system by reporting all incident or potentially dangerous situation he will have observed.
  • Validate and assure well data flow from the rig to COMPANY’s operations representative and to COMPANY headquarter. The modalities and frequency have to be fixed prior to each job with COMPANY’s operations representative.
  • While drilling, forecast and evaluate geological hazards such as formation pressure, gains, losses, caving, differential sticking, acid gas, swelling clay, shallow gas, etc.
  • Detect and evaluate the reservoirs and their fluid content (quick look interpretation).
  • While drilling, assure geological operations follow-up.
  • While drilling, interpret geological data for the geosteering of deviated and horizontal wells.
  • While drilling, assure correct data communication at the well site and report to the other people involved all events with potential consequences on the project achievement.
  • Supervise all well data acquisition such as mudlogging, MWD-LWD, wireline logging, coring, solid and fluid sampling (cuttings, cores, side wall cores, gas, oil, formation water, mud, etc), pressure measurements, VSP, etc in accordance with the well data acquisition program.
  • Control the quality, validate and transmit the well data.
  • Assure a complete and pertinent reporting. A daily activity report and the updated geological litho log, drawn-up with Winlog-Gravitas reporting software will be sent to the COMPANY’s operations representative.
  • Supervise COMPANY’s other contractors performance for all the services associated to geological operations i.e. mudlogging, MWD-LWD, wireline and pipe conveyed logging and coring contracts. This supervision includes the check of quality and reliability of equipment, necessary spare parts and consumables, and the performance of the crew. As a whole, DESIGNEE(S) shall ensure that such services are provided in accordance with the provisions of the related contracts and with TOTAL E&P Angola specifications and standards. Particular attention will be paid to HSE standards.
  • Periodically or at reception of a new mudlogging unit make an audit of equipment and assure that mudlogging
  • Supervise and check the labelling, conditioning and shipment of fluid and solid samples and all documents and reports issued from CONTRACTORS.
  • Work together with any other supervisors, notably the drilling and mud supervisors, appointed by COMPANY to form a cohesive and efficient team.
  • Organize and / or participate to pre-job meetings before each special operations such as coring, wireline logging, open hole tests, etc.
  • If requested by COMPANY, ensure the training of junior well site geologists.
  • Provide experience and know how reports when using new tools or when uncommon environmental or operational conditions are faced.
  • At COMPANY’s request, DESIGNEE(S) may perform part / whole of the SERVICE in COMPANY’s offices in the country of operations to provide support to COMPANY’s operations representative.


  • Formal education (Diplomas): Graduate Technician or Engineer
  • Professional experience (number of years): A minimum of 5 years of petroleum industry including TOTAL West Africa context experience.
  • Certification Degree in the supervision of operation geology
  • Language: ENGLISH – Spoken and Written PORTUGUESE recommended FRENCH recommended
  • HSE: Updated BST/HUET certification. 12 Golden Rules.




6-12 months renewable