Electrical Supervisor

| SECTOR : Oil and Gas | PROJECT PHASE : Construction | DURATION : 12 months +


To assist the Site Manager in the delivery of the Site works of projects by supervising and coordination on site activities for Electrical activities.


Main tasks are the following:

  • Support the design and development of site facilities with field engineering and site manager.
  • Produce a weekly report of activities, accomplishments and issues for the Site Manager and/or product/service manager
  • Support with subcontractor the development and implementation of site installation schedule.
  • Support with subcontractor the development of the 3 weeks lookahead schedule.
  • Develop estimate for manpower to monitor subcontractor work activities and schedule completions.
  • Participate to weekly meeting with site manager and if required to customer meetings with Site Manager.
  • Ensure that “red-mark” drawing and documents are done by the allocated subcontractor staff and validate their quality and submitted to field engineering.
  • Comply with Quality Procedures, work instructions and Processes on site
  • Report and support resolution of non-conformances and process in a timely manner
  • Understand and communicate in advance Scope of Work in detail with subcontractor
  • Ensure all and any obstacles are removed to allow productivity targets to be met
  • Know the location of all crews and visit them frequently throughout the day
  • Clearly communicate expectations of continuous work to break/lunch/quit times
  • Set specific and challenging weekly installation goals for subcontractor
  • Firm, fair and consistent application of the Jobsite Work Rules



People Management

  • Regularly manage and review performance of employees and subcontractors and present positive or constructive feedback on accomplishments and areas needing attention.



  • Comply with Quality Procedures, work instructions and Processes on site
  • Report or resolve any non-conformances and process in a timely manner
  • Assure implementation of the Site Quality Plan in coordination with the functional corporate quality program to ensure that Site Works will be conducted to the satisfaction of the Customer, to the level of GE Grid standards and in accordance with contractual requirements, operating modes, instructions received from Product Units, manufacturers and suppliers


Health and Safety

  • Owns Safety on the site.
  • Demonstrate EHS leadership and ensure Zero Deviation Plan is implemented within the team
  • Takes responsibility to reward and encourage direct reports to take proactive steps toward all matters related to EHS in the workplace.
  • Identifies and evaluate EHS risks on site and implements practical correction measures in working with ESH staff.
  • Participates in hierarchical/ team safety visits and leads EHS improvement initiatives
  • Sets objectives and measures results to encourages EHS performance as a contributing factor to reach business objectives
  • Sets the example by demonstrating the proper acts and actively observes work conditions and behaviors, giving constructive feedback and celebrating EHS effective prevention.
  • Actively participates in defining corrective actions when work is unsafe or when an uncontrolled risk is observed.
  • Routinely observes culture and behaviors of others and provides immediate feedback regarding unsafe behavior and celebrates achievements or safe behaviors.
  • Actively and routinely promotes the identification of hazards and near misses to their team/s
  • Responsible to ensure safety on the site by implementing and ensuring control of implementation of EHS instructions and standards. He takes support from the Site EHS manager/officer.
  • Ensures coordination and compliance with customer ESH expectations.
  • Ensure the monitoring of EHS events, non-compliance and accidents
  • Ensure that, at each stage of works, the site is in safe condition before pursuance of works


Performance Measurement

  • Daily safety observations “expectation of 2 per shift”
  • Schedule Starts/Fins “number of planned starts and planned finishes is above 75%”
  • Craft subcontractor performance (PF) “Expectation is 1.0 or higher”
  • Completion of Daily Contractor Report “Expectation is within 24 hours of recorded shift”


  • Experience of 10 to 20 years in the construction field related to civil or Electrical installations
  • Background in civil works, electrical works.
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • 10 to 20 years of direct hire – self perform site experience of projects.
  • Experience in Consortium organization will be a plus.
  • Strong organizational capacity and scheduling/planning experience
  • Knowledgeable and capable with experience to make decisions in a fast-moving high-pressure environment.
  • Driving toward results and implementation of tight time schedules including shifts.
  • Experience of international projects and management of international/multicultural teams.




Durée de la mission

12 mois et plus