Civil Engineering Preparator

| SECTOR : Oil and Gas | PROJECT PHASE: Design / Construction | DURATION : Three years


  • Provide technical civil structure inputs and prepare reviews during detail engineering, construction activities to ensure safe construction work with minimum impact on construction schedules.
  • Support the civil structure team to develop civil structure expertise sharing with the different construction contractors which will be involved in the GALAXIE project.
  • Verify with the project civil structure team that the civil structure specifications, procedures are strictly followed during construction by all people involved.
  • Lead the Civil structure expertise during studies and construction activities till validation of Ready For Start Up



  • Transversal management of the civil structure specialists, supervisors
  • Reviews and defines the legal requirements for each project phase
  • Proposes if needed to the project managers the third-party scope of work
  • Be the technical expert who will negotiate with the third-party, notify Body in case of technical issues or specific request
  • Integrate the third parties civil structure specialist in the civil structure team to improve quality control efficiency
  • Reviews the gaps between the TOTAL RC specification and specifications which will be applied on each project and prepares the derogation form if required
  • Provides technical support to Engineering Contractors in the design of the projects for civil structure
  • Challenges the engineering contractors, third parties to avoid any overdesign which could lead to additional CAPEX
  • Verifies that the number and nature of resources required to manage civil structure specialty are following project needs and inform his management in case additional resources are required.
  • Reviews, amends, validates with the civil structure team, deliverables produced by the FEED and EPC contractor in due time according to the coordination procedure.
  • Controls that the engineering activities, construction works are aligned with forecasted schedule, and alerts Project management in case of slippage
  • Organizes and coaches of civil structure project team and civil structure staffing in the overall project team.
  • Supports and provides guidance to site civil structure supervisor personnel on civil structure topics
  • Liaises with corporate departments, authorities, contractors and partners on civil structure issues as required
  • Ensures that civil structure specifications and documents (directives, rules, …) are properly understood and enforced
  • Verifies that the construction QC file is well defined and followed during the construction
  • Ensures with the civil structure teams, the engineering contractor that purchasing and expediting of civil structures are executed following planning and project procedures.


During Construction

  • Ensures good quality and progress of construction for civil structure
  • Supports Construction Team activities with technical expertise in civil structure discipline
  • Amends, agrees or rejects all modifications of detail studies that would be proposed by engineer, construction contractors


During Precom /Com

  • Ensures that all civil structure technical documentation is available to start the Precom/Com activities
  • Support the Precom/Com team to prepare the Precom/Com activities
  • Supports Preco/Com team for configuring the ICAPS database in the civil structure discipline in order to monitor all
  • Precom/Com activities with enough screening and at the same time in a manner that is practically manageable.


During Star-Up

  • Support civil structure team with technical expertise to fix problems


  • Advanced relevant work experience, preferable in the Refining and Petrochemicals industry.
  • Extensive civil structure experience (15years minimum) on onshore facilities, in both Design (calculation) and Execution
  • Experience supervising or managing civil structure team.
  • Experience working with international engineering contrators.
  • Discipline, curiosity, methodology and organizational skills.
  • Good listening, communication, leadership and anticipation skills.
  • Fluency in French and English
  • Demonstrate high ethical conduct in areas of procurement, contracts, evaluation of contractors and all other areas associated with procurement




Three years