SIMOPS Engineer

| SECTOR : Oil and Gas | PROJECT PHASE: Hook-up / Installation | DURATION : Two years


  • To implement and lead the NOC’s HSE and Risks Management systems on the Project in a pro-active manner
  • To guide and supervise the CONTRACTOR for the HSE and Risks Management related activities
  • To assure the HSE aspects of the Project design in the Detailed/Installation Engineering by CONTRACTOR
  • To implement and coordinate risk management activities throughout the project to achieve successful completion of the project on time while respecting costs and specifications.
  • To lead the preparation and approval of the SIMOPS dossiers required on the Project and ensure their implementation
  • To ensure a sound and robust HSE system to achieve the HSE objectives of the Project
  • To manage & control identified risks on the Project to ensure a smooth offshore campaign execution



HSE Responsibilities:

  • Ensure and promote the application of the Company HSE policies, rules and specifications
  • Ensure that CONTRACTORs comply at all times with safety rules, taking actions as required in case of non-compliance,
  • Stopping any unsafe activity, organizing tool-box meetings and awareness sessions.
  • Promote safety culture within Company personnel and CONTRACTORs as well as the reporting of Safety Observations.
  • Ensure and monitor the safety of personnel and installations as well as protection of the environment.
  • Pursue within his team the HSE objectives defined by his line management.


Job contents/Problem solving:

  • Pursue HSE and risks management objectives and ensure that the activities are carried out in compliance with referential, procedures and standards.
  • Lead at EPCIC stage, in a proactive manner, the preparation of the SIMOPS dossiers and follow-up on implementation.
  • Participate in actions for identifying and minimizing risks, and the impact of activities, especially for SIMOPS.
  • Ensure that CONTRACTOR, SUBCONTRACTORs and suppliers comply with the required HSEQ and risk management criteria.
  • Perform audits, site inspections and make sure HSE procedures are understood and applied.
  • Ensure good, project tailored reporting in compliance with NOC’s rules and standards.
  • Review documentation produced by the CONTRACTOR for all SIMOPS – HSE & risks aspects.
  • Take part in HSE studies and risk assessments undertaken for the execution of offshore operations.
  • Liaise with Operations and DW HSE in the identification, assessment and management of risk as might become necessary.
  • Create and implement risk management procedures throughout the Project, including contractors and suppliers.
  • Identify risks using checklists, experience from other projects, and document reviews to provide support to Project Engineers.
  • Reduce risk, supporting risk owners for the definition, implementation and follow-up of mitigation and control measures.
  • Ensure that the approved risk reduction actions are integrated into the main project schedule.
  • Assess risk, creating a scoring system for qualitative evaluation of risks, helping risk owners to evaluate their risks; to control and maintain schedule, budget and economic models for quantitative risk assessment.
  • Establish and maintain a consolidated project-level risk register, using a dedicated database; to monitor progress on risk reduction actions, issuing regular risk assessment reports and related summaries for project reports and meetings.
  • Carry out any other duties/projects that may be assigned to him by the Hierarchy.


  • Solid HSEQ and risks management experience (12 years) with thorough understanding of HSEQ management systems and risk management processes. Good knowledge of international HSEQ legislation, codes of practice, etc. and SIMOPS experience.
  • Knowledge of HSE audit/inspection techniques and procedures with regards to construction yards and O&G facilities.
  • Appropriate formal HSE training courses.
  • Personnel management experience, organizational ability and computer literacy.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to work on his own initiative while being fully part of a team.
  • Fluent in English.


Doha, Qatar


Two years