SCADA Supervisor

| SECTOR : Wind Farm | PROJECT PHASE: Commissioning | DURATION : 12 months


  • Supervise SCADA commissioning activities and associated planning
  • Ensure that the related commissioning activities comply with the contract and project requirements in terms of HSE, quality, planning and cost
  • Ensure zero harm HSE policy through deep involvement in HSE on a daily basis
  • Ensure that commissioning activities are performed following established procedures
  • Ensure that commissioning activities demonstrate that the Contractor has completed the Works in accordance with the relevant codes, standards, norms, regulations, laws and the Employer’s Requirements
  • Ensure that commissioning activities demonstrate that the equipment and systems supplied by the Contractor as part of the Works provide the functionalities and operation modes described in the Employer’s Requirements and in the operation and maintenance plan
  • Ensure that the technical departments’ best practices are implemented in commissioning activities
  • Report commissioning progress and participate in commissioning meetings
  • Ensure human resources, services and tools required to perform the work have been identified and are mobilized in due time by the Contractor


  • Interface with commissioning team to ensure overall project commissioning plan is adhered to
  • Supervise SCADA related commissioning activities
  • Supervise electrical systems commissioning time schedule, including key milestones
  • Ensure SCADA Commissioning schedule is followed by the contractor
  • Ensure that the commissioning activities comply with internal and external requirements/specifications
  • Report SCADA commissioning activities to the project and to the Commissioning Manager
  • Supervise all signal tests where every possible
  • Ensure all deliveries including snag lists and a complete set of documentation is prepared
  • Site walk-downs and checks of all SCADA cabinets
  • Review of PTWs and RAMS related to SCADA systems


  • Strong experience with installation and commissioning of SCADA, control and monitoring systems
  • Signal testing experience
  • Recommended 3 years of work experience in wind industry
  • Recommended 1 year of experience in similar position
  • Ability to communicate proficiently in the English and/or French language
  • Should be able to perform basic tasks on MS Office
  • Knowledge of communication protocols
  • Experience with testing and commissioning of fibre optical cables


France Offshore


12 months