SCADA Component Security Engineer

| SECTOR : Renewables | PROJECT PHASE: Engineering | DURATION : + 1 year


As a SCADA Component Security Engineer in SCADA Secure Connect department, you will work on enforcing compliance with the cybersecurity regulations in the country in which we’re constructing our assets as well as our own internal requirements.


  • Ensure that projects are built and adhere to the requirements imposed by the IEC standards and NERC-CIP. A large part of this concerns compliance with ISO 27001, combined with our internal requirement for building assets based on IEC 62443
  • Work across a range of packages to help ensure their compliance
  • Be responsible for the integration of our internal IT services


  • Have practical experience in NERC-CIP, ISO 2700X suite of standards, and in IEC 62443
  • Have project management experience
  • Be good at collaborating with a range of stakeholders
  • Experienced with network and server security