Construction Supervisor

| SECTOR : Renewables | PROJECT PHASE: Construction DURATION : + 8 months


Responsible for management and coordination of construction operations.

  • Document Review:
    Review WPS / WPQR
    Review NDT Procedure
    Review ITP
    Review Coating Procedure / specifications (datasheets)
    Review of final documentation
  • Inspections after blast:
    Visual Welding and Surface Inspection after shot blasting
    Check repairs and re-blasting done after blasting (surface and welding)
    Check NDT Records
    Check Records from blasting
  • Inspections after Coating:
    Visual inspection on final Coating
    Random DFT measurements
    Check Records from Coating including ABB DFT measurements
  • Inspectors’ qualifications:
    Certified welding inspector (VT)
    Certified Frosio or Nace inspector level II or higher


  • Minimum 5 years experience offshore wind construction supervision
  • Knowledge in welding & coating
  • Experienced in inspection activities